Formatec principals have designed, developed and deployed mobile solutions that are currently providing value to thousands of enterprise users. Creating high-quality, secure business apps is not a trivial undertaking. Let us help you avoid pitfalls and quickly achieve success.

Basic iOS application deverloped by Formatec
Formatec developers have created apps that are in use in many industries.

Design & Prototyping

Formatec quickly provides working prototypes of your app.

Great apps require careful design. Ease of use and simplicity are difficult and complex to achieve. At Formatec we employ iterative prototyping in order to converge upon an app that "just works".

In keeping with agile methodology, we ensure that prototypes represent useful, working software as early as possible. Mock-ups can be helpful early on, however it is crucial to work with the actual data and processes as soon as possible.

Sample iPad app design
Our designers have created numerous effective prototypes

Development & Deployment

The Formatec team has a long history of deploying successful mobile solutions. Today we use cutting-edge tools like the Xamarin framework to build the apps that the modern enterprise requires. Secure, scalable native apps that run on all of the major mobile platforms. Formatec is capable of handling the entire process up to and including deployment in the Apple/Android/Microsoft app stores. We are also able to step in and assist with specific aspects of existing projects.

Screen shot of a web-based mobile app for life sciences
We develop native and web-based mobile apps.
Screen shot of a windows RT tablet app for industrial inspections
Microsoft Surface™ apps are a growing part of our business.

Cloud-based Testing On Real Hardware

Automatic mobile app testing on hundreds of mobile devices.

The modern enterprise seeks to empower employees via the BYOD (bring your own device) strategy. There are hundreds of mobile devices in use today, and dozens of operating system variations. This presents a major challenge: how do we ensure that our apps run correctly on every device we are likely to encounter?

Formatec in partnership with Xamarin Inc. provides a powerful solution. Our cloud-based testing solution automatically runs your app on hundreds of actual hardware devices in real time. Performance data and device logs are immediately available to help pinpoint and resolve device-specific issues. Find and fix bugs before your users do.

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