Device agnostic.

We use Xamarin to create true native apps (not HTML) that run equally well on the three major mobile platforms.

Usability? Naturally.

We have decades of experience designing usable business applications. Reduce training costs and improve productivity.

Connect + Leverage.

Connect to data the resides in a variety of industry standard platforms. Or use our secure, scalable cloud storage service.

How can Formatec help you?

The mobile revolution means that your customers now expect access to your firm's products and services using their smart phone. Your employees want to use these powerful devices to help them do their jobs better. People expect the same convenience and ease of use they've grown used to. Formatec will enable you to meet those expectations quickly.

Our experienced staff has created mobile solutions for these industries over the past decade:

  1. Commercial Aviation
  2. Financial Services
  3. Insurance
  4. Manufacturing
  5. Oil & Gas
  6. Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences
  7. Telecommunications and Cable TV

Learn More...

Download the PDF for more details on our services.

Formatc downloadable PDF overview of cloud mobile app testing service